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Checkered Ninja 2

Checkered Ninja 2

In CHECKERED NINJA 2, we again follow the boy Alex and Checkered Ninja on a frantic hunt for the villain from the first movie Phillip Eppermint. Because Eppermint manages to evade a prison sentence in Thailand, CHECKERED Ninja comes alive and seeks out Alex. Together, and with Alex’s entire family, they now have to go to Thailand to bust Eppermint. Alex and Checkered Ninja are swooped up into a dangerous mission, where their friendship sometimes comes under intense pressure.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Actor: Emma Sehested Høeg, Anders Matthesen, Louis Næss-Schmidt

Director: Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Anders Matthesen

Country: Denmark, United States

Duration: 86 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 73

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