Watch Doggy Daycare: The Movie
Doggy Daycare: The Movie

Doggy Daycare: The Movie

Michelle and Amelia have been running the D.D.C. since their parents passed away. They have many pets live with them but Mutt remains a street dog. When they run out of finance for the doggy haven and emotions boil they form some risky ideas to save the place. Their attempts to recruit a famous former owner fail so they must think even further outside the box. Mutt leads the pack of unique dogs against all obstacles including an on the edge dog catcher with an obsession for Mutt.

Genre: Family

Actor: Derick Agyemang, Emma Almeida, Damiãn Garth Brown

Director: Matty Johnson

Country: United States

Duration: 61 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5

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