Watch Ingenious (Lightbulb)
Ingenious (Lightbulb)

Ingenious (Lightbulb)

Remember the old saying “That’s so crazy it might just work”? Two guys bet their futures on a notion that cliché seems to have been created to describe in this comedy-drama from director Jeffrey Balsmeyer. Matt (Dallas Roberts) and Sam (Jeremy Renner) are a pair of dreamers living in Tucson, Arizona who have a strong imaginative streak and a notion that they’re going to strike it rich some day by inventing a gadget that will take the world by storm.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Actor: Dallas Roberts, Jeremy Renner, Ayelet Zurer

Director: Jeff Balsmeyer

Country: United States

Duration: 85 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 5

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