Watch Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

The brief but eventful life of actor and martial arts trailblazer Bruce Lee is portrayed in this drama, based on a biography written by his widow Linda Lee Caldwell. Lee is introduced to the study of martial arts as a child living in Hong Kong by his father, the father dreamed that a demonic armored dragon would take his son from him, and wanted young Bruce to be able to protect himself. Bruce continues his training as he grows to adulthood, and after the cocky teenaged Lee seriously injures a prominent British citizen while fighting a gang of troublemakers at a dance, he’s sent to San Francisco.

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Actor: Jason Scott Lee, Robert Wagner, Lauren Holly

Director: Rob Cohen

Country: United States

Duration: 120 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 7

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