Watch The 4400 - Season 01
The 4400 - Season 01

The 4400 - Season 01

Created and written by Scott Peters and René Echevarria, The 4400 is an American science fiction TV series which ran for four seasons from 2004 until its cancellation in 2007. In season 1, a comet’s path changes course towards Earth when suddenly it comes in for a “landing”. And 4,400 people who have disappeared over the last fifty years, reappear and none has aged a day or have any memories since disappearing.

Genre: Sci-Fi, TV Show, Drama, Mystery

Actor: Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch, Patrick John Flueger

Director: René Echevarria, Scott Peters

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 7

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